This is the very essence of Traditions, an ongoing link with the past that carries us forward to gather and celebrate the time honored customs that embody our very foundation.  While time has dimmed many of the exact dates of Traditions' early years, those dates we do know blend to create the unique atmosphere of this family dining establishment, rich in history and tradition.

Around 1910, Mike and Barbara Grimmer opened Grimmer's, a saloon and boarding house that provides food and spirits to the town's early travelers, farmers, and railroad workers.

In the 1940's, Tony and Amanda Grimmer continued the ambiance, operating here as the Highland Lounge and Liquor Store.

In 1958, Kin Gurley opened Kinney's; a restaurant heralded for its steak, seafood and legendary business lunches.

Around 1960, Dick and Pauline Kelley changed the name, but kept the spirit alive with Kelly's until 1963.

Ben and Dorita Ollo took over the operation, serving family after family from 1963 through 1981 as Ben's Restaurant & Lounge

Marvin and Barbara Jurjevic served fine food and drinks for another 19 years.  In that time, coaches, fans and local families continued to gather at Marvin's to reminisce and celebrate sports of all kinds.

In 1999, The Spain Family joined the ranks of proud business owners with Traditions Restaurant & Pub, as we continue to welcome you to the nearly 115 years of history that made this 1898 structure such an integral part of Highland's heritage.  Dedicated to carry on a way of life that Highland residents and neighbors have come to know and enjoy, we persist in bringing you the 'traditions" of fine food, good spirits, and friendly family gatherings.

We hope you enjoy your visit, as you celebrate good times with your family and friends, and keep the cherished "traditions" alive for many years to come.  Here's to the future!